Why You Should Always Buy YourName.com As Your Domain



It doesn’t matter what your business name is, you should always buy a domain name with your name.

You may ask, “Why?”

It’s simple. Your name will never change. Except those who do change their name (doesn’t usually happen more than once in their lives) or have been married more than once and carry their spouse’s last name, your name will be the most constant thing throughout your journey as a business owner.

It doesn’t matter if you thought of the greatest and most original business idea there is, always buy yourname.com (try to stick with the .com extension).

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If your first and last name isn’t available, consider purchasing with your middle initial. For example, MelodyThomas.com wasn’t available, so I bought MelodyCThomas.com. C is my middle initial.

Also, I strongly suggest purchasing your child(ren)’s names, too. There’s no telling who they’ll become in the future. A future President. A big pop star. Who knows? You want to have ownership of their names in the future. In case you aren’t aware, there’s a business called domain name flipping (Google it!). It’s where people buy domain names of up-and-coming celebrities or products and sell them for thousands, sometimes even MILLIONS more! You don’t want that kind of headache in the future of trying to buy your famous child’s domain name for $1,000,000 when you can buy it NOW for only .99.