Ready to launch your personal brand online!?

Let’s plan, create, and launch your BOMB.COM website — in as little as ONE DAY!

Without dropping a bag 💰 on a web designer, learning how to code, or needing complicated tech skills.


Website in a Day

a simple starter kit to help you quickly plan, create, and launch your personal brand and website

You know it’s time to put yourself “out there” online so that you can finally be more visible and attract the right clients who will be happy to pay top dollar for your services!

So here’s the problem, sis…

You show up and you do the damn thing. You are an expert at what you do — but your online presence doesn’t show it.


You’ve been putting off launching (or relaunching) your website for months, maybe even years, because you:


— Aren’t ready to spend thousands on a website designer.


— Haven’t gotten clear on your message or your audience.


— You know you can do it yourself, but don’t know where to start. 

It’s holding you back from gaining the visibility (and revenue) YOU deserve. And Googling your way around figuring out how to use WordPress isn’t going to cut it!

Ready to stop leaving money on the table?

…and to stop feeling embarrassed when a potential client asks for your website?

You can fix this, quickly! And you can do it in just ONE day!

Maybe you just haven’t taken the time to plan out what you want your website to say…

Let me know if these thoughts make you feel a little stuck… 

You don’t have THE BLUEPRINT to map it out.
So just the thought of putting it all together is EXHAUSTING.

You need a clear guide that will walk you through it step-by-step, so you can focus on growing your business, building your personal brand, and creating a BOMB.COM website that will attract the RIGHT clients.

"GET THIS right now!"

If you haven’t launched your website because you struggle with overthinking, GET THIS right now! All you have to do is follow Melody’s detailed step-by-step guides and video instructions (my favorite). It’s literally all laid out for you. Website In a Day will help you figure out your brand’s foundations — your website content, your visual aesthetic, AND how to publish a professional site without needing a developer. No excuses, this guide will help you get it done ASAP!

Kristen Noelle


You hustled too hard to not be seen for your gifts, skills and talents, sis!

Or to second-guess whether your value is needed.

Your corner of the Internet needs to be loud, seen, AND heard because there are people who need YOUR services to transform their lives!

And you know it’s time to grow your money bag, be more visible online, and live on YOUR own terms.

Running a business is hard AF. But launching your website shouldn’t be.

Website in a Day is more than just a guide on launching a website…

It’s a step-by-step blueprint (with video walkthroughs) that shows you how to:

in the most straightforward, simple way. So all you have to do is follow the steps to

What's Included in Website in a Day


Over 50 pages and video walkthroughs to help you launch your website! You’ll learn how to:

Launch your website in one day

Get your website up and running in just ONE DAY with this gorgeous WordPress template! I'll show you how to:

content workshop

Plan and create engaging content for your website. You'll also get:

Limited Time Bonus Offers

From 'About Me' to Pay Me

The ‘About Me’ page is the most essential part of your website. However, most business owners make the same mistake – they talk only about themselves. In this template, you'll find how you can write a killer About Me page that will make your readers swoon and open their wallets!

75 Ways to Start an Online Business

Still haven’t figured out what kind of business you want to start? I’m sharing 75 Ways to Start an Online Business so you can explore all of your options based on your experience and talents.

Ready to launch your personal brand online and get your website up in one day?!

get instant access to:

Total value = $1,435


don't let the price fool you.

This is a low-ticket offer that over-delivers.

(Also been referred to as the ‘best $37 ever spent’)


"Her instructions were clear, thorough and detailed."

Melody’s Website Starter Kit is amazing! Her instructions were clear, thorough and detailed. The template I used was beautiful. I think what she offered was awesome at a reasonable price too! You can create a stunning website in just a couple hours if you want. Worth every Penny.

Dr. Jacinta Elder

Medical doctor and health coach

Hi there! I'm Melody!

I’ve been building websites since my parents gave me my first computer when I was 12 years old. Back then I taught myself. (I was building fan pages for my favorite celebrities, which was all the rage in middle school. I don’t mean to brag but the pages I made for Kelly Rowland and Beyonce back in the day were the bomb.)

I didn’t turn my skills into a business until I was 19 and in college hoping to get some real world experience that would prepare me for work later. I launched my first professional website and really caught a glimpse of the reach of polished website. My business page connected me to my first international client (They were in London) and helped me snag remote clients across the U.S. I still haven’t met some of them in person.

These days, I’m using my knowledge to help business owners launch websites and access the globe. I look forward to getting to know more about you and your business in class.


Have a Question?

No! We all start at the same place… zero! If you’re starting from scratch with this offer, I recommend brainstorming ideas using the bonus 75 Ways to Start an Online Business! You can have this training to help you launch your website once you’ve figured it out!

No, sorry. They are for WordPress only.

All of our template kits include step-by-step tutorials that walk you through every section of each template. And if you ever get stuck, you can always reach out for help.

If you only need basic customization done, we also offer a Template Restyle service that includes uploading your templates and up to 3 hours of font/color/copy/photos/graphic customization. Information of the restyle services will be offered after purchasing this course.

If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me I should be charging more for this, I’d be a millionaire! But in all seriousness this program is worth much more than what I’m charging you, because my only goal is to get you to finally launch your website.

I put my heart and soul into this course with you in mind. Due to the instant nature of delivery as you’ll have access to digital products immediately after purchase, NO REFUNDS will be issued under any circumstances. Please consider this course a small investment into your future and business goals :).

"Thanks to your starter kit I have mental clarity!"

Yooo! This starter kit is 🔥! I’ve been struggling for months now and thanks to your starter kit I have mental clarity!! The kit breaks the process down in lament terms. So often gurus make it too technical and it goes right over my head. Thanks to Mel, I’ll be able to sell services in no time! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I feel like this is worth wayyy more than $37 but I’m glad I took advantage!

Jazzie Mas


Get your hands on this personal branding "life saver"

get instant access to:

Total value = $1,435