How to Use Seduction to Increase Your Email Open Rate and Attract Clients to Your Website



Of course, you read that and thought I was going to spill the beans on how to seduce a man…

Hell nah. Not even close. 😂

But using those same techniques, there is a way to seduce your email subscribers to increase your open rate and attract clients to your website. 😏

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, can I share a short story with you?

About four years ago, I was a part of a high-level mastermind program. Our first live event together was a 2-day retreat in downtown Atlanta, GA.

After working non-stop for 8 hours straight on our businesses, my mentor hired a limousine service to pick us up and whist us away to a 5-star restaurant for the ultimate dining experience.

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On our way there, we popped bottles and toast to success. And it’s fair to add that I was the only one who could up the bottle of champagne, thanks to my bartending skills. 🙂

We arrived and were immediately seated in the private dining room area that was reserved for just the seven of us. Our waiter provided excellent service. He knew the menu from inside and out. He asked us what did we like and made recommendations.

He described the food on the menu as if it was a diamond ring. 💍

I was seduced by the way he sold the food to us and ordered everything he recommended. Everything.

It was truly one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had.

This is the art of seduction. 💋

I’ve used email marketing as one of the main tools to grow my business and sign clients. In order to do that effectively, my subscribers FIRST have to open my emails and read them from top to bottom. Right now, I have a 40% open rate which is hella impressive, slightly higher than industry standards.

Here are three tips you can use right away to seduce your subscribers to increase open rates and attract clients back to your website:

🔸Build a relationship

Our waiter didn’t start off by asking us what would we like to order to eat. The first thing he asked was if we wanted to order something to drink. He let us look at the wine menu and made suggestions on which wines go with which meal the best. He asked each one of us what did we have a taste for and described the food very…tastefully. He gave us a chance to think about it and was patient with us when we asked more questions. He even let us taste the wine

This is how you start building relationships with your subscribers. First, find out what they like and continue to give them information that serves them in that area.

🔸Know what you’re selling — inside and out

The waiter knew the menu from top to bottom, He’d been there for over 5 years and knew exactly how each meal was prepared. For a second, I thought he was the chef! He was able to describe the food in a way that we couldn’t refuse. Every appetizer, entree, and dessert was sold in a way that made it seem like it was going to be the best meal we’d ever had.

When preparing programs, services, and courses, know what you’re selling! Carefully craft it for the right person (your ideal client) and present it to them in a way that solves the very problem they’re having, making them an offer they can’t refuse.

🔸Give away enough, but not too much

Once the food arrived at our table, we all noticed pleasant little surprises in each meal. And I have to say, the food was just as amazing as the service!

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Share information that’s helpful to your audience, but don’t give away ALL the goods. There are some people that offer FREE everything (sessions, coaching calls, services, etc.). How can you make money in your business if you’re giving everything away for free?! Give away valuable information, but not one that can solve their problem that they’d no longer have to pay for.