How to Get On The First Page Of Google Using This Free Strategy



Nobody can buy from you if they can’t find you.

They can’t sign up for your discovery calls, purchase your ebook, invest in your services, sign up for your annual conference, or even enroll in that new course the board approved at your college.

Nobody can take advantage of what you have to offer if they CAN NOT find you.

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I’m talking to you if you’re a struggling business owner, enrollment manager, fundraiser, or president of your organization.

Millions of people use Google and other search engines every day looking for answers. Is your website optimized to be their solution?

In other words — are people able to find you from a Google search?

Here is one simple thing you can do RIGHT NOW to get found!


Yep, blogging.

It has been around for years and it works wonders. Yet, it surprises me how often people don’t take advantage of it. Let me explain what blogging does for your business.

I’m going to use a healthcare organization as an example. Let’s say you’re looking to hire quality physicians and also want to promote your annual conference. Let’s also assume you only publish articles when there are news and events.


If that same healthcare organization published at least 1 article every week, that’s 52 chances you’re able to be FOUND online! That’s 52 more chances a physician that’s looking for a job can find your organization. That’s 52 more chances people can learn more about your annual conference and PAY to attend, and not just a few weeks leading up to the event.

Still not convinced blogging could work for your business? I’ll get you another example.

Let’s say you’re a health coach and your goal is to work with busy entrepreneurs that are having trouble maintaining a healthy diet. Sure, you can go to networking events, fitness forums, and conferences. You can join Facebook groups and promote your services…but I’m not talking about networking. I’m talking about how to get unique leads. If you published a blog AT LEAST once a week about how busy entrepreneurs are not eating as healthy as they should, that’s (yet again) 52 more changes your ideal clients can FIND and work with YOU!

Take advantage of your free blogging resources now. I recommend WordPress OR Blogger to get started.

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If you’re new to blogging or need to be refreshed on to relaunch your blog, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a blogging course. This home-study course can be taken at your own pace.

Don’t wait. Get FOUND on Google today and start blogging now.